Over twenty full-time employees have talents spreading across the spectrum of design and construction. Our staff is made up of landscape architects, landscape designers, certified horticulturists, arborists, NSF® Certified wastewater technicians, and carpenters.

John Campbell


Jamie Monteith

Landscape Director

Ginny Lalley

Office Manager

Amanda Towsley

Assistant Office Manager

Matt Sustic

Maintenance Director

Jerry Garland

Greenhouse Director

Kim Boyd

Landscape Technician & Greenhouse Assistant

Nick Yadloczky

Certified Arborist

Denis Mailloux

Landscape Technician

Jamie Crandall

Landscape Technician & Equipment Operator

Jon Clees

AWS Certified Welder

Pete Fineout

Landscape & Maintenance Technician / Certified Pesticide Application

Wes Cytacki

Landscape Technician & Equipment Operator

Cooper Gregware

Irrigation Technician

Brian Barkdoll


Harvey Fineout


David Perry

Irrigation Tech

Michael Clees

Maintanance Crew

Houston Kenny

Maintanance Crew

Maximus Hinkle

Maintanance Crew

Skyler Kenny

Pesticide Tech

Rick Ernst

Maintanance Crew

Tressa Poole

Landscape Architect

Riley Gough

Construction Supervisor